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  • Internal Affairs Squad/Security Squad

    Inspectional Services is made up of the Internal Affairs Squad and the Security Squad.

    Inspectional Services conducts all internal investigations involving police personnel, as well as, other sensitive investigations. Officers assigned to these units are appointed by the Director of Police and are considered to be highly experienced investigators.

    In 1996, the offices of Internal Affairs and Security Squad were relocated to the 100 North Main building, Suite 2220, in downtown Memphis. In December of 2006, IAB and Security Squad were moved once again to the corner of Poplar and Union Extended.

    The phone number to IAB/Security Squad is 901-636-4955.

    The HOTLINE number for filing a complaint is 901-636-4979

    Purpose of Internal Affairs

    The purpose of the Internal Affairs Squad is to define responsibilities and establish procedures for sworn members of this department for dealing with observed or reported allegations of misconduct.

    Internal Affairs investigates all complaints lodged against police personnel. These complaints can range from verbal abuse to brutality. The majority of these complaints fall under three categories: Personal Conduct, Use of Force and Arrest, and Duty Performance.

    Purpose of Security Squad

    The Security Squad investigates all shooting incidents involving police officers and any complaints regarding possible criminal misconduct against employees. These investigations include accusations against officers, city employees from various departments, and other administrative investigations.

    The Security Squad is also responsible for teaching Deadly Force lectures at the Training Academy for new police recruits and during In-Service Training for veteran officers. Their Deadly Force lecture is also part of the training received by all citizens enrolled in the Citizen's Police Academy.

    If you have a complaint or problem with the manner in which your call for police service was handled, please call our


    or our regular office number

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